PE Class Rules/Grading Procedure


    In Physical Education Class, you should:

    1.  Always wear sneakers
    2.  Follow and play by the rules
    3.  Be a good sport
    4.  Look to make yourself and others better
    5.  Listen to the thoughts and opinions of others
    6.  Be in control of your words and actions
    7.  Take care of the equipment
    8.  Give a solid effort
    9.  Use positive talk to yourself and others
    10.  Ask for assistance if/when you need it
    11.  Be yourself!

    (Remote Learners are expected to log on to the Google Meet and have their cameras on at all times to validate participation).




    How Your Grade is Achieved

    85% Participation/Effort

    10% Sportsmanship

    5% Strategical Thinking



    What each grade means

    5 = Above and beyond grade level expectations

    4 = Above gradel level expectations

    3 = At grade level expectations

    2 = Slightly below grade level expectations

    1 = Below grade level expectations