• Supplies

    Supply List for Mrs. Weber’s First Grade Class



    School Year


    1 bx.      Crayons- Crayola 24 ct.

    4            Dry Erase markers- black *

    1            Eraser- Pink Pearl- Papermate- Large

    2            Plastic (sturdy) 2 pocket folders- any color*

    1 pkg      Glue Sticks- Elmer's washable (6 count)

    1            Highlighter- yellow

    1 bx.      Markers- Crayola- Classic 8 ct.- thick

    1 set      Watercolor- Crayola- 8 oval- washable

    1 bx.      Pencils- Ticonderoga preferred- No. 2- sharpened

    1           Pen- green or any color of choice

    1           School Box- 5.6" x 8.4"x 2.5"- Plastic

    1 pair     Scissors- kids-blunt tip

    1 pkg     Sticky Notes- 3x3" plain yellow*

    1 pkg.     Baby Wipes- unscented

    2            Comfortable Masks for each day

    1            Container for mask*

    1             Headphones (labeled with your child's name and placed in a Ziploc bag)

    1            Bath Towel or King size pillow case  (to be used when we sit outside)


    * Not on/ differs from  First Grade Supply List

     It is suggested that your child bring a regular size backpack as they will be carrying their supplies to and from school each day.

    With the exception of the baby wipes, your child will be using his or her own school supplies.  Please unpackage and label everything with your child's name.

    In the school box, please place 5 of the sharpened pencils, pink eraser, crayons, 2 glue sticks, 1 pen, 1 expo marker, highlighter, and pair of scissors.  Please place the other supplies ( watercolors , Crayola markers, extra pencils, sticky notes and extra glue sticks) in a gallon sized Ziploc bag labeled with your child's name.  I will store those in the classroom for them.