• Pick- up is at 2:00 pm. (ON 11/16, PICK-UP WILL CHANGE TO 3:30 PM.)

    If you are picking up your child, please send a note on the first day of school stating they are a pick-up everyday (or during the year if your child will only be picked up on a specific day). Please include in the note who will be picking up your child, and make sure your child knows who is picking them up. Please put the notes in your child's folder so we can locate them, as we check the folders every day.

    Please do not email your me if you have a change in pick-up as I may not see the message. Call the office directly.

    At pick-up, parents will line up, masked, on the gym ramp facing Bragg School (just beyond where you enter for concerts). Your child will be seating, distanced and masked, in the gym. We will call your child and they will give a verbal identification of who is picking them up. If it is not a parent or an emergency contact we will call the parent. Please remain masked while on the ramp.