8th Grade Resource Center - Room 47

    Welcome to the Resource Center Website!
    We are so excited to start this new school year and hope you are too!  
    You have so much to learn to prepare for High School,
    and we will be there to guide you whenever you need.  
    This is going to be an awesome year!! 
     You will see Mrs. Beringer in Resource Math 8, Math 7 with Ms. Hey, Math 8 (period 8) with Ms. DeRosa, Science 8 with Mrs. Schwartz, and Science 8 with Mrs. Sarlo.
    You will see Ms. Heisler in Resource ILA 8, Social Studies 8 with Mr. Leckie, and ILA 7 with Mr. Pizzo.
    You will see Ms. Marianino in ESL, ILA 8 with Mrs. Ironson, ILA 6 with Mrs. Mansolino, and Science 7 with Mr Stagg .
    You will see Ms. Carle in Math 8 (period 1) with Ms. DeRosa, and Social Studies 6 with Mrs. McPherson
    On this website you can find links to your classroom teacher's websites.  
    Click on the subject link on the sidebar to access their websites.
     You can also find information about 8th Grade Resource Math Class.
    Here is a link to my "Back to School Night" Video
    Your resource teachers are available during enrichment or virtually after school if you make an appointment. Study sessions / reviews will be held before most tests or quizzes virtually after 1:00. Study guides and notes will be posted on the Google Classroom - Study Hub 2020 - 2021.  

    The best way to contact any of the eighth grade resource teachers is by email,

    our email addresses are: