The parent advisory group will meet on Monday, February 1, 2021. Please email Dr. Krone for an google meet invitation. All parents of classified students are welcome. The meeting begins at 12:00 pm. s are welcome.

 I know this has been a very crazy year but I am moving forward with some more speakers for the next few months . Our last speakers,   Mrs. Pat Hovey, the director of SageThrive and Mr. Richard Lalley, a Social Worker presented in early December on "Family and Anxiety in the Age of Covid" and their talk was received well by all of the parents who attended. We had a great turnout and I was very thankful for their excellent tips and strategies on how to survive and thrive in spite of this  pandemic. If you have any thoughts on future topics and/or speakers, please let me know.   
So what has been going on in Student Services....  we are starting a "Dance Spirit Squad" at Bragg for our girls in grades 3,4, and 5. This is super exciting for our girls!! We will be sending out a google form to our girls and to parent to sign up and grant permission. Now what should we do for our boys! We need ideas. Are there any things you think might be of interest to them? 
Thank you to our new school social worker, Ms. Stephanie Damiano, who will be running the groups during lunch with a social skills/ circle of friends twist to the group. It should be a lot of fun and more importantly build friendships for our girls. 
We have Unified Sports at the middle school which is being run by Mr. Duffy. Stay tuned for some details on his plans. We had a great fall and early winter with Ms. Yeager's "take it outside" but now it has hit a cold spell. Again, stay tuned for some more ideas from Ms. Yeager who is always brainstorming something for our students. We have Dr. Southwick who is going full steam ahead with her social skills groups at Dickerson and students are having a great time inside or outside depending on the weather. 
We just held our "Integrated" preschool "Reach for the Stars" online registration on January 7th and 8th and within two hours we had over 45 parents sign up their children for preschool. We are now full and have quite a waiting list.  Thank you to our excellent team of Ms. Kathryn Corcoran and Ms. Tara Bagnole along with our specialists, Mrs. Stephanie Schultz, Mrs. Melissa Tuleya, and Dr. Donna Detore and our paraprofessionals of Mrs. Jean Bartholomew, Mrs. Jill Lattmann, Mrs. Kathy MacDonald, and our newest paraprofessional, Mrs. Lisa Hagobian. 
Progress reports will be coming out in the next week. You will be able to view them on IEP Direct. We are also planning all of the transition meetings over the next few months. On February 17th, we have Mr. Michael Reinknecht, the Director of Special Services from the high school who will be presenting to all of our eighth grade parents via google meet. In April and May, we will be holding our transition meetings for parents and students moving up from second to third and from fifth to sixth which are all big transitions that we hope to make very smooth ones. 
Lastly, Camp Achieve is scheduled for July 6th through August 9th. I expect the pandemic will be history by the Spring and we will enjoy a wonderful extended school year. 
Happy New Year to all of you, stay well and warm, 
Dr. Jeanette Krone 
Jeanette Mahon Krone Ed.D.
Director of Student Services
Chester Public Schools




February 3, 2020


Members who attended: Dr. Krone, Mrs. Diane Basanese, Ms. Jamie Norton, Ms. Jen Yeager, Mrs. Megan McCarthy, Mrs. Mou Sarkar, Dr. Sarah Southwick, Mrs. Vivian Norman, Mrs.Joann Pezzano- Mrs. Kelly Gyselman could not attend. 



  • Speakers- The Black River Administration/Guidance Staff is sponsoring the following speaker for February which will be of interest to all parents-  Raising Resilient Teens Expert Panel- BRMS- Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Black River Middle School Cafeteria. 



Featured will be a panel of local mental health and law enforcement experts to answer YOUR questions and educate our community about raising resilient children and teens in our changing times. Moderated by: Susan Tellone, RN, BSN, CSN, MSN Clinical Director for Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide. 


The panel consist of the following people:  


Mary Vineis BA, DRCC, Morris County Coordinator Traumatic Loss Coalition for Youth; 


Wendy Stefick Chair, NJ Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Council, NJ Chapter Board Member for AFSP, Bergen County Suicide Prevention Coordinator; 


Matthew Bohn Chester Police Black River MS LEAD Office; 


Rebecca Tritt MA, LPC, LCADC, NCC, CPRS, Daytop Village of NJ, Nurtured Heart Certified Trainer. 


  1. Mrs. Pezzano recommended the CANDO group start a Facebook page in addition to advertising our events on Facebook page- the Parents of Chester. (Thank you Mrs. Gyselman for doing this for Dr. Jed Baker.) Mrs. Pezzano recommended checking out the Montclair SEPAC Facebook page. Ms. Yeager said she would look into and get this page started. 


  1. On March 3rd, Mr. Kirk Martin of Celebrate Calm is set to speak to our parents in the morning- 9-10:30 and in the evening 6:30-8:30 at Dickerson. We must advertise. 


  1. An 8th grade Transition meeting planned - Mrs. Pezzano would like to have Mendham Boro and Mendham Township parents at the meeting and to have it at the high school. Dr. Krone discussed how we are fortunate for the director to be coming to us to discuss the high school programs. Students are invited. We used to have the meeting at the high  school and it was impersonal. Ms. Yeager suggested we could arrange a social with the parents and the students in June to facilitate parent relationships and student relationships with Mendham Boro and Mendham Township at the high school. Dr. Krone will check with Michael Reinknecht, the Director. 


  1. Unified Sports- we have advertised for the position - Chris Duffy applied for the position. The club will have a kick-off day in March. We hope to have the high school students kick off the day with our students. (This was proposed by our Unified Sports contact, Susan Colacello. Dr. Krone will be applying for the grant April 1st which is good for three years. 


  1. Mrs. Sarker mentioned that there is a service club at the high school. She mentioned that some students can use volunteering for their leadership hours. Mrs. Pezzano felt it should not be for just the college hours. 


  1. New books were purchased for parents and staff that can be borrowed. They include the following: 


Preparing for Life: The Complete Guide for Transitioning to Adulthood for Those with Autism and Aspe

byDr. Jed Baker

Year Published: 2006


No More Meltdowns: Positive Strategies for Managing and Preventing Out-Of-Control Behavior 1st Editi

byDr. Jed Baker

Year Published: 2008


The Worried Child: Recognizing Anxiety in Children and Helping them Heal

By Dr. Paul Foxman

Year Published: 2004


We have advertised them on the website with a brief description of each. Parents are welcome to borrow them. They can come to room 218 or email Dr. Krone at


Meeting ended at 1:30. Next meeting is on Monday, March 2nd. See schedule for the remainder of the year-  4/6, 5/4, and 6/1

           Time: 12:30-1:30